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All there is to know about Retinoids


Retinoids is the term used to describe a group of compounds that are derived from

vitamin A. They are the holy grail of skincare with a substantial amount of scientific evidence supporting their efficacy in skin improvement.

Different types of Retinoids

There are different types of retinoids available, some OTC (over the counter) and others that need to be prescribed by a doctor. Their difference lays in purity, but remember the stronger it gets, the more irritant it is.

How long does it take to work?

Fine lines and wrinkles 12-24 weeks

Acne 4-12 weeks

Hyperpigmentation. 24 weeks

What kind of skin type are they good for ?

They are suitable for every skin type exept irritated.

Are they working well with other ingredients ?

How should i use it?

Retinoids are nocturnal. Since they increase skin sensitivity to UV rays, it's better to use them at night and always use hight SPF during the day.

Do not use retinoids every night if you are sensitive to it. Start with 3 times a week and gradually increase.

Do not exfoliate your skin for several days, before and after retinoids use.

Damp skin helps with ingredient absorption. This is great for moisturizers and serums, but it may increase skin sensitivity with retinoids. In that case, apply in dry skin.

What type of Retinoid is used in Odalin's products?

We use Retinyl Palmitate because it is mild and suitable for everyone.

Our Retinol Night Cream with Dragon's Blood and our Retinol Eye Cream with Eyebright, can be used every day by all skin types.

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