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Do we need toners?

What are the benefits of a toner?

  • It removes remaining dirt, makeup or oiliness left from cleansing.

  • Gets your skin prepared for the next product since it helps with ingredient absorption

  • Provides skin with instant hydration

  • Minimizes pores

  • Regulates skin's pH

What skin types are toners good for?

They are good for all skin types and you can choose one with ingredients that match your skin concern.

When should i use it?

Its step no 2 in your skincare routine, day or night

  • Cleanser

  • Toner

  • Moisturiser

Since most molecules penetrate the skin better when its wet, it is essential to apply it as soon as cleansing is over and as the skin is still moist, just move on to the next product - serum, moisturizer etc. Especially if you are using an Hyaluronic acid product, using a toner before will ensure that moisture will not be drawn from your skin.

Also you can use it during the day to rebalance your skin's pH, since sweat makes us more alkaline.

How should i apply a toner?

There are many way to apply a toner.

You can sprinkle some in your hands and then tap it in your skin, you can use a cotton pad or if it is a spray, you can directly spray it on your face.

Does Odalin has toners?

Yes, we do. Our toners are made of top quality Organic Hydrosols, containing precious herbal extracts and moisturizing agents. They dont contain essential oils.

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